Vo1t’s proprietary multi-asset secure cold storage contains multiple layers of military-grade encryption, geographic distribution of private keys in decommissioned nuclear bunkers with added layers of physical security and 24/7 monitoring by a specialist team.

Ability to securely hold any

blockchain asset or token

Dedicated account


Withdrawal time from

cold: 30-120 minutes

Access through Secure

APIs and Web Portal

Insurance Cover

via Aon

Vo1t's Unique Offering


Vo1t has a RESTful API allowing you to integrate your own applications direct into the Vo1t ecosystem.

Initiate Withdrawal

Request withdrawals of assets - single asset and transaction or multiple in a single request

Withdrawal Status

 View status of withdrawals throughout the process

Withdrawal Notifications

Receive web hooks of each change during the withdrawal process


View balances of single address or entire holdings per asset


Address Generation

Request new addresses

 Manage your own HD Wallet

Use a key structure that works around your business model

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