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Industry-leading, insured digital custody

and institutional-grade secure cold storage.

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Aon has been working with Vo1t to provide innovative insurance solutions to Vo1t’s clients. Vo1t’s approach to insurer engagement has been extremely positive and underwriters have been willing to offer coverage based on their confidence around Vo1t’s security protocols and technological solutions. 

Tom Davis, Client Director, Aon

What We Offer


Market-leading Insured

Digital Asset Custody and Depository


Proprietary multi-asset secure cold storage

Partner Program

Secure ecosystem designed to empower institutions

Multi-Asset Support

The safest platform for digital assets

What Our Clients Say

ZEDRA is pleased to be partnering with Vo1t, a leading digital custodian, to provide our clients with a security ecosystem including the world’s most secure storage vault for digital assets. This milestone partnership brings opportunities for each firm by expanding their respective service offering to both the traditional and non traditional asset classes.

John Hunter, Director, ZEDRA

Digital Asset Security Insurance

We offer crime insurance for crypto assets, which covers their loss, damage, destruction or theft in secure premises or in transit or transmission. It also covers internal and external fraud, including electronic theft. It is more comprehensive than the specie insurance that is typically offered for digital assets, additionally covering hacking as well as insider theft or accidental destruction of private key data by an employee.

Partner Program

Vo1t is building a secure ecosystem through its partner program, enabling more institutions to securely hold and insure their clients digital assets. Partners can enhance their product offering and services via both Vo1t systems and API. 

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